Springfield iPhone Repair (by Griffin Concepts)

is Springfield Missouri's only resource for original Apple Parts installed by Apple Certified Technicians. With thousands of iPhone Repairs per year, our techs can troubleshoot any issue you might have, from Screen Cracks to Water Damage and Battery replacements to software updates. We handle all iPhone repairs in Southwest Missouri including Joplin, Ozark, Nixa, Bolivar, Rolla and Nixa. Our shop is located in Downtown Springfield and services the area just like at the Apple Store! With local service like this why would anyone send their phone off for repairs?

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The Springfield iPhone Repair Advantage

We all know what it's like... you either dropped your iPhone, ran it over with your car, or got it wet... that sudden sinking feeling that you are no longer connected with the world and that all the info on your iPhone, such as pictures, documents, mail, contacts and so on are lost permanantly. Most of you were like us just to have your heart skip a beat when we first bent down to pick up the iPhone only to flip it over and see cracked glass. Well, as we all know, you can't be without your iPhone... whether you use your iPhone for business, gaming, personal use or simply as an iPod, you cannot be without it. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that you'd rather have your wallet (or in the case for you ladies) your purse stolen before you'd give up your iPhone.

This is why we started Springfield iPhone Repair. Most repairs take about 10 minutes, and you can wait on your iPhone while it's being repaired, which is in most cases much more manageable than sending your iPhone back to Apple. And, to top that off, Apple charges more than double the price Springfield iPhone Repair does. In fact, we guarantee that we have the lowest price of any Licensed Technician within 100 miles!

Why wait 3hrs (or even overnight) for your repair that can take as little as 10 minutes? Call us today...

Springfield iPhone Repair
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