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417-268-5211 for Springfield iPhone Repair, the Queen City's Original & Premier Source for all iPhone, iTouch, iPod and iPad servicing and repair. Let our Apple Certified local technicians evaluate and repair your iPhone, just like at the Apple Store! Most iPhone Repairs take 10 minutes or less, and our costs are extremely reasonable.

Why Springfield iPhone Repair?

  • 1,000+ iPhone repairs
  • Apple Certified Technicians
  • Warranty (Lifetime on Screens)
  • OEM Original Parts
  • Most parts in stock

What do we fix?

Similar repairs on an iPhone 3GS

Springfield iPhone Repair is here to service iPads, iPods and all iPhones. We are the leader for repairs in Southwest Missouri with over 1400 repairs in the last year, only servicing your devices with all orginal Apple Parts and using certified technicians. From Water Damage to Screen Replacements, Dead Batteries to Cracking Casings, we can fix it all*! Call (417) 268-5211 and let our certified technicians help with your iPhone repair at out shop in Downtown Springfield, just blocks from MSU at 412 S Campbell in the Nick Sibley Music Building.

Our company started in 2006 and has been providing the local area with the proper iPhone repair services since the inital launch of the iPhone. We handle iPod Touch repair, service iPads, and deal with all the iPhone's for screen repair, water damage, battery replacement and more! Want to recycle your iPhone? We can do that too. We are fully licensed and insured; SSA for ACMT w/ Apple Care.

For the only certified iPhone repair in Southwest Missouri call Springfield iPhone repair at (417) 268-5211. For information on our warranty, please call. We are available 10am to 6pm, Monday thru Friday and on Weekends and after hours by appointment only. For all of our services we accept Visa, MasterCard, Printed Business Checks, Cash and PayPal. Call us today! We are here to help.

* Data may not be recoverable with some repairs, contact us for details
iPhone 2G - Parts & Repair
iPhone 2G
iPhone 3G - Parts & Repair
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3GS - Parts & Repair
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4 (4G) - Parts & Repair
iPhone 4 (4G)
iPad 1st Gen Wifi - Parts & Repair
iPad 1st Gen Wifi
iPad 1st Gen 3G - Parts & Repair
iPad 1st Gen 3G
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iPad 2nd Gen Wifi
iPad 2nd Gen 3G - Parts & Repair
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5th Generation iPod Video - Parts & Repair
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6th Generation iPod Classic - Parts & Repair
6th Generation iPod Classic
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3rd Gen iPod Nano
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4th Gen iPod Nano
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5th Gen iPod Nano
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1rst Gen iPod Touch
2nd Gen iPod Touch - Parts & Repair
2nd Gen iPod Touch
3rd Gen iPod Touch - Parts & Repair
3rd Gen iPod Touch
4th Gen iPod Touch - Parts & Repair
4th Gen iPod Touch
Why wait 3hrs (or even overnight) for your repair that can take as little as 10 minutes? Call us today...

Springfield iPhone Repair
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