The Apple iPhone (Original, also called the '2G' or 'EDGE' iPhone for the network it runs on) came out in July 2007, and was the flagship product of Apple for that year. Sold through AT&T in the USA, the iPhone 2G was the first touchscreen of it's kind with a full browser, complete touchscreen, Built-in iPod, telephone, wifi-access, and bluetooth. While this revolutionary device hit the market by storm, enherit problems of its design made them virtually unserviceable. The glass screen, for example, is smooth to the touch, harder to scratch than most phone's touchscreens, is much easier to crack especially since there is no lip to the device separating the iPhone glass from any surface it lands on face down. In addition, dissassembly of the iPhone was never planned in advance for the device, as the metal was permanantly snapped on with no easy way to remove the back without damaging the soft metal backing.

Here are is a list of parts available for the iPhone 2G. No parts are cross-transferrable with the iPhone 3G or 3GS. The original iPhone 2G can be identified by it's soft silver backing with a black plastic cover on the lower 1/4 of the iPhone back. You can also identify the original iPhone 2G via the Model number indicates "A1203" on the end of the first line of identifying information.

Water/Liquid Damage ()
Water/Liquid Damage
Flex Cable: Headphones, Buttons & Switches (Headphone_Flex)
Flex Cable: Headphones, Buttons & Switches
Complete Back Replacement (Complete_Back)
Complete Back Replacement
Antenna Cover (Antenna_Cover)
Antenna Cover
Battery Replacement (Battery)
Battery Replacement
Complete Mid Frame (Complete_MidFrame)
Complete Mid Frame

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