iPhone 3GS

Complete Screen Display


Part Brand
Apple Computer Company
1Yr Parts & Labor Parts & Labor

Time to Install
Up to 3 min


How and where can I get Complete Screen Display Repair Service on a iPhone 3GS?

You can get your iPhone 3GS Complete Screen Display Repair Service by visiting Springfield iPhone Repair in Downtown Springfield, MO (412 S Campbell in Springfield, MO). No appointment is needed for this repair. Feel free to come to our shop location during our open business hours 10A-2P and 3P-6P Monday through Friday. Repair time is up to 3 min, and comes with 1Yr Parts & Labor Parts & Labor Warranty. If you choose (and the part availability allows for) to get this item shipped, you will likely forfeit any such warranties as described. This repair service is not available for price-matching at this time.

This repair includes for the iPhone 3GS LCD Display and iPhone 3GS Front Glass & Digitizer. If you need both the LCD & Digitizer Glass, this page is what your are looking for, otherwise go to Springfield iPhone Repair's iPhone 3GS LCD Display Replacement or iPhone 3GS Front Glass & Digitizer Replacement Service by Springfield iPhone Repair.

$130 Outright Purchase: This product can be purchased outright for $135 and includes all the items listed above All parts are original Apple OEM. Tools are also included with this installation. We do not help with installations, check youtube or other training videos for additional information. Shipping is not included.
*Complete Installation includes: Front Screen Frame, LCD, Lens/Digitizer, GPS, Proxy Sensor, Light Sensor, Ear Phone Speaker, Home Button, & Home Button Flex.

All parts installed on frame with appropriate solutions for attachment and dust prevention.

If you are needing individual parts, click the appropriate part above or return to available parts for the iPhone 3GS. View the iPhone 3G Complete Screen Assembly
* 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen Multi-Touch display
* 480-by-320-pixel resolution at 163 ppi

Symptoms & Preventative Measures

When a Apple Computer Company iPhone 3GS needs a Complete Screen Display

iPhone is missing the Entire Screen Assembly

Screen Assembly is missing due to extreme damage to the iPhone 3G Screen, due to extreme impact or faulty repairs. This will replace all items inside the screen assembly including Front Screen Frame, LCD, Lens/Digitizer, GPS, Proxy Sensor, Light Sensor, Ear Phone Speaker, Home Button, & Home Button Flex. The screen is a pre-assembled combination that includes the Lens/Digitizer adhered with our custom sealant and adhesive to prevent dust penetration inbetween the layers of the screen, and all other parts attached professionally to the frame. Many times the complete screen replacement is needed when the iPhone is taken apart incorrectly and other components are damaged. Breaks to the iPhone Screen Assembly Frame are frequent with this type of repair, and many times additional sensors such as the Proxy Sensor, Light Sensor, and Earphone Speaker cease to function correctly after an attempted repair. Rarely we see repairs that constitute this type of repair due to the screen assembly missing on it's own.

Preventative Measures include NEVER DISSASSEMBLING YOUR IPHONE without proper instruction, care and tools. If this damage was accrued from impact damage, an otter box will aid in preventing such extreme damage and loss of parts.

Are the 3G & 3GS Complete Screen Assemblies the same?

No. They are the same size, the look the same, but they are not. While they look similar, understand that they are NOT interchangable and can further damage the device by forcing the plugs onto the mainboard, or even partial plug ins while the device is transmitting to the LCD &/or Digitizer. Some components are cross compatible, however, and newly designed Apple parts may be used than what originally came with the iPhone. View the iPhone 3G Complete Screen Assembly

Is this part an Original iPhone part?

Yes. It comes with a 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects or installation errors, including the part and labor to replace it. This may include dead or stuck pixels, as long as the iPhone's impact sensor has not indicated a significant impact since the installation. Please ensure that you pick up a warranty card at the time of repair. The warranty explicitly does not include any LCD screen that is cracked, shattered or broken in any way, damaged via fluid or water, or if the iPhone was repaired by any other company. Warranty validation may require further inquiry than initial inspection.

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