iPhone 3GS

3GS 32Gb Logic Board Upgrade


Part Brand
Apple Computer Company***
72Hr DOA Parts & Labor

Time to Install
Up to 5 min
black or white*
8Gb, 16Gb, 32Gb


How and where can I get 3GS 32Gb Logic Board Upgrade Repair Service on a iPhone 3GS?

You can get your iPhone 3GS 3GS 32Gb Logic Board Upgrade Repair Service by visiting Springfield iPhone Repair in Downtown Springfield, MO (412 S Campbell in Springfield, MO). No appointment is needed for this repair. Feel free to come to our shop location during our open business hours 10A-2P and 3P-6P Monday through Friday. Repair time is up to 5 min, and comes with 72Hr DOA Parts & Labor Warranty. If you choose (and the part availability allows for) to get this item shipped, you will likely forfeit any such warranties as described. This repair service is not available for price-matching at this time.
This product either is not available for outright purchase or is available for the part only at the same rate of $100 including shipping within the contintental 48 states and invalidates any such warranties as described in the warranty description for 72Hr DOA Parts & Labor.

This pricing is a upgrade option price where (upon inspection) we can exchange your iPhone 3GS Logic Board for a 32Gb Logic Board. Availabilty is by SPECIAL ORDER ONLY. We are not responsible for data transfer, so ensure that you backup your iPhone 3GS 16Gb or iPhone 3GS 8Gb before sending in or bringing in your iPhone 16Gb 3GS to our shop in Springfield, MO.

Note: The iPhone 3GS SIM tray may not have corresponding Serial Number or IMEI numbers, however, a new SIM card tray will be installed with the corresponding color to your iPhone 3GS.

Sample Pricing Options

*All pricing depends on inspection of your current hardware for damage or otherwise detrimental elements for upgrade value.

Symptoms & Preventative Measures

When a Apple Computer Company*** iPhone 3GS needs a 3GS 32Gb Logic Board Upgrade

Why would you want a 32Gb iPhone 3GS Logic Board upgrade instead of an 8Gb or 16Gb?

  • You have more music than will fit on the iPhone 8Gb or 16Gb 3GS
  • You install movies onto your iPhone and find that you don't have enough space
  • You find that with all that you do on your iPhone you run out of space constantly getting error messages such as Your iPhone is running out of space and should delete some pictures and videos

WARNING:All Data (such as pictures, telephone numbers, video, or any other stored information) WILL be lost. If you can, ensure that you backup your iPhone 3GS before upgrade. When your iPhone 3GS Logic Board is replaced, you can re-sync your 8Gb or 16Gb Phone 3GS backup to your iPhone 3GS 32Gb to the latest backup.

Can I purchase this iPhone 3GS 32Gb Logic Board Outright?

Yes. Based on limited availability, 32Gb Logic Boards for the iPhone 3GS are available for outright purchase price (including shipping within the continental United States) for $350. If you would like to ship us your complete 8Gb or iPhone 3GS 16Gb for a warranted replacement (30 days pending inspection) you can include return shipping in the package and installation cost will balance out the shipping cost making it also a total of $350. If you are local to Springfield, MO you will need to make an appointment as we do not always have 32Gb iPhone 3GS Logic Boards immediately available at our shop (typical turnaround time is 3-4 business days).

Are the 3G & 3GS Logic Boards the same?

No. They are the same dimensions, but are not compatible. While some components are compatible, most are not.

View a 3GS Logic Board. You cannot upgrade a 3G Logic Board to a 3GS Logic Board without extensive upgrades to other components. For custom work, visit our checkout page and include in the notes what other options or custom work you are needing for a personalized quote.

What Firmware is installed on this iPhone 3GS Logic Board?

Typically the latest software available. For instance, at the time of writing this, the current software available at these prices are for a 4.3 Software Installation with 5.16.xx. For instance service and discovery of the current software installed on any in-stock 32Gb or 16Gb iPhone 3GS Logic Boards, call 417-268-5211.

Is this part an Original iPhone part?

Yes, however, there is no warranty (unless otherwise specified in writing). We do however garauntee a 72Hr DOA policy** that it will work upon installation, and will allow you to fully inspect the iPhone 3GS after it's Logic Board Replacement and before you pay (if you bring your iPhone to our shop). Serial numbers are logged and alternative tagging and identification will verify whether this iPhone 3GS Logic Board was the original board installed in the device.

Does the IMEI and/or Serial Number change with this repair/replacement?

Yes. Both the IMEI number and Serial number will change with the replacement of an iPhone 3GS 32Gb Logic Board Replacement. Typically, the SIM tray will indicate the correct ID information but it can also be found by going into SETTINGS > GENERAL > ABOUT

What upgrades can I add?

Pending availability, these options may be added at the time of purchase, but are not included:

  • New iPhone 3GS 1200MaH Battery
  • iPhone 3GS Unlockable 5.11.07 Baseband on 3.1.2 or 5.12.07 on 3.1.3 Firmware (usually $50-100 upgrade depending on availability)
  • iPhone 3GS Unlockable 5.13.04 Baseband on 4.0.0, 4.0.1 or 4.0.2 Firmware (usually $50-100 upgrade depending on availability)

Discounts may apply: Call us at 417-268-5211 for a combo discount.

Will I loose any Data, Pictures or Info with this repair?

Yes, you will loose any information by replacing your iPhone 3GS Logic Board. If you need data recovery services or information transfered over, please inform us at the time of repair (not included). If you need recovery services we will need to know any passcodes, whether the iPhone was jailbroken, and what kind of tools are installed on the device for SSH (or other remote) access. The iPhone 3GS Logic Board is tested 100% functional ahead of time, so any further issues after transfering the logic board to your iPhone and your receipt are not included in this upgrade.

**What is the "DOA Policy"?

The DOA Policy allows for the return of logic boards within the time allotted for any board with catastrophic failure, except when tampered with, modified, or 'hacked' in any way. This includes, but not limited to, Jailbreaking the device. (While Jailbreaking is a wonderful availability for the iPhone, it is a DO AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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