iPhone 4

White Back Glass


Part Brand
1 Month Parts & Labor Parts & Labor

Time to Install
Up to 10 min
Black & Clear


How and where can I get White Back Glass Repair Service on a iPhone 4?

You can get your iPhone 4 White Back Glass Repair Service by visiting Springfield iPhone Repair in Downtown Springfield, MO (412 S Campbell in Springfield, MO). No appointment is needed for this repair. Feel free to come to our shop location during our open business hours 10A-2P and 3P-6P Monday through Friday. Repair time is up to 10 min, and comes with 1 Month Parts & Labor Parts & Labor Warranty. If you choose (and the part availability allows for) to get this item shipped, you will likely forfeit any such warranties as described. This repair service is not available for price-matching at this time.
This product either is not available for outright purchase or is available for the part only at the same rate of $75 including shipping within the contintental 48 states and invalidates any such warranties as described in the warranty description for 1 Month Parts & Labor Parts & Labor.
*Includes Installation
* Not interchangable with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G
* Comes with Bezel Frame
* iPhone 4 Backs do no have any electronic components attached to them!

Symptoms & Preventative Measures

When a Unknown iPhone 4 needs a White Back Glass

Cracked Glass

Your Back Glass is scratched, broken, shattered, or otherwise damaged. Cracks, splinters, and shattered glass can occur when dropped, or upon a high PSI impact to the iPhone 4. While not often, sometimes the back glass will break inside pockets, usually due to pressure from keys or other hard objects impacting the back glass.

Preventative Measures include using a case for your iPhone that creates seperation between objects and the back glass. cases that don't create a 'lip' on the glass side of the back glass may be fashionable, but provide no protection. An Otter Box™ protective case on the other hand, provides significant protection against impact damage to the front, back or sides of the iPhone. Screen protectors provide limited protection as they do not prevent PSI breaks (Pounds per Square Inch) where pinpoint pressure causes the back glass to crack, however, it will aid in protection against sliding cracks where impact is minimal but objects harshly abrase the back glass.

Scratched Glass

Aesthetic repair for those with scratches on the external glass. Glass can scratch from a variety of things, including (but not limited to) keys in the same pocket as the iPhone 4, skidding across rough surfaces (concrete, walls, even hardwood floors). Preventative measures include a plastic adhesive clear/ anti-glare or reflective screen protector, a ZAGG Invisible Shield ™, or a case with a protective layer such as the Otter Box™.

Are the iPhone 4 (HD) the same as the 3G & 3GS backs the same?

No. View the iPhone 3G Complete Back | View the iPhone 3GS Complete Back

Is this part an Original iPhone part?

No. this does not come with any warranty of any kind, either form Springfield iPhoen Repair by Griffin Concepts or Apple, INC.

(c) 2011 Griffin Concepts & Springfield iPhone Repair

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