iPhone 4

Jammed Lock/Power Button Assembly Replacement


Part Brand
Apple Computer Company
1Yr Parts & Labor Parts & Labor

Time to Install
Up to 45 min
Black or White*
GSM Black, GSM White, CDMA Black, CDMA White


How and where can I get Jammed Lock/Power Button Assembly Replacement Repair Service on a iPhone 4?

You can get your iPhone 4 Jammed Lock/Power Button Assembly Replacement Repair Service by visiting Springfield iPhone Repair in Downtown Springfield, MO (412 S Campbell in Springfield, MO). No appointment is needed for this repair. Feel free to come to our shop location during our open business hours 10A-2P and 3P-6P Monday through Friday. Repair time is up to 45 min, and comes with 1Yr Parts & Labor Parts & Labor Warranty. If you choose (and the part availability allows for) to get this item shipped, you will likely forfeit any such warranties as described. This repair service is not available for price-matching at this time.
This product either is not available for outright purchase or is available for the part only at the same rate of $60 including shipping within the contintental 48 states and invalidates any such warranties as described in the warranty description for 1Yr Parts & Labor Parts & Labor.
This assembly repair replaces the lock button assembly. Good for iPhone 4's with jammed, stuck or otherwise disfunctional power/lock buttons.
Assembly the electronic assembly for the power/lock buttonincludes the proximity sensor, GPS sensor, and balance microphone for the iPhone 4.

Symptoms & Preventative Measures

When a Apple Computer Company iPhone 4 needs a Jammed Lock/Power Button Assembly Replacement

Symptoms associated with problems in the Power/Lock Button Flex Cable Assembly

The Power/Lock button Flex Cable Assembly can significantly effect how the iPhone operates, not just with the ability to use the lock button but other attributes as well. Here are some of the symptoms of a damaged Power/Lock Button Assembly:

  • Microphone* - Sound is muffled, garbled, quiet or mute during *SPEAKERPHONE phone calls, FaceTime calls and Video Recording.
  • GPS Sensor - iPhone has a hard time locating your position consistently (GPS Sensor is aided by tower triangulation, so some areas have confilcts or not enough service to aid the GPS sensor)
  • Proxy Flex - The Proximity Sensor helps with disabling the iPhone screen during phone calls, listening to Voicemails and dimming/brightening the screen to adapt to variable light environments. If the proxy sensor is having issues from manufacturing, we may not be able to reslve this issue, as it is a manufacturing defect, however, if the proxy sensor had worked but is acting up over time, replacement of this cable should help resolve these issues, but is not garaunteed to resolve the issues due to the design flaw by Apple.
  • Lock Button Jammed - iPhone Lock or Power Button is jammed or stuck, and hard to press down. Some instances extreme pressure can activate the button, but only replacement of the button capsule (part of the flex cable replacement) will resolve this issue.
  • Lock Button disfunctional - When the Lock/Power button is pressed, nothing happens on the iPhone. This can happen from a damaged (broken, weak, defective or corroded) flex cable.

How the Lock Button (or it's components) Fail.
  • Water & Liquid Damage - Liquid, especially sugary or otherwise residue prone fluids, can significantly effect the power button (or other components on this flex cable)'s ability to operate in the way it was intended.
  • Impact Damage - Damage may occur from any impact to the iPhone 4, but usually from screen damage towards the top part of the face, back damage near the camera, or dents and dings around the bezel sides/top near the home button.
  • Physical Damage - Foreign materials such as make-up, general gunk, and other debris can cause the home button to not function in it's intended manner. To properly clean, use extreme care by using something like a needle with a precise point to pick out the lint or other matter, and go slow.
  • General Wear-and-Tear - The Home Button (or the other components on this flex cable) can and do frequently wear out. While excessive use can effect the timely manner of needing a repair, it can fail early in the life of the iPhone too.

Why a lock/power button on an iPhone 4 gets stuck...
Usually the Lock Button fails because the design of the button capsule behind the metal plate you touch. By design, this 'cap' is elevated off the flex cable by four (4) points, and when one or more of those points collapes or fail, the metal plate and the button capsule become misaligned and the plate cannot be depressed, thus the fluid motion of pressing the lock button jams. Unfortunately, bending the button capsule back does not remedy this issue.

Preventative measures include a hard case, such as an otter box or other hard plastic case with padding inside. To prevent water damage, using a case like an otter box, you have a rubber flap that helps resist hard object and/or fluid damage through the available openings in the iPhone 4. Keeping the iPhone 4 in a separate pocket as other objects also helps, whether in a purse or pants pockets.

Are the AT&T/GSM iPhone 4 Home Flex the same as the Verizon/CDMA iPhone Home Flex? How about the newer iPhone 4S?

While the GSM & CDMA iPhones look very similar, No, they are not compatible with eachother. These Flex cables are are not interchangable, and while some components are the same between GSM iPhone 4 and CDMA iPhone 4, This part is not compatible. However, both parts cost the same amount for installation, labor and tax. For the iPhone 4S, view the Lock Button Replacement for the iPhone 4S.

Is this part an Original iPhone part?

Yes. There is a 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects or installation errors, including the part and labor to replace it. Please ensure that you pick up a warranty card at the time of repair. The warranty explicitly does not include any damage to the back case or cover that is cracked or broken in any way, or if there is any water damage to the iPhone, or if the iPhone was repaired by any other company. Warranty validation may require further inquiry than initial inspection.

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