iPhone 4

Micro-SIM Adapter


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Time to Install
Up to 1 min

Available for AT&T & Verizon iPhone 4

How and where can I get Micro-SIM Adapter Repair Service on a iPhone 4?

You can get your iPhone 4 Micro-SIM Adapter Repair Service by visiting Springfield iPhone Repair in Downtown Springfield, MO (412 S Campbell in Springfield, MO). No appointment is needed for this repair. Feel free to come to our shop location during our open business hours 10A-2P and 3P-6P Monday through Friday. Repair time is up to 1 min, and comes with Warranty. If you choose (and the part availability allows for) to get this item shipped, you will likely forfeit any such warranties as described. This repair service is not available for price-matching at this time.
This product either is not available for outright purchase or is available for the part only at the same rate of $15 including shipping within the contintental 48 states and invalidates any such warranties as described in the warranty description for .
Micro-Sim Adapter to adapt the SIM that comes with your iPhone 4 into a regular sized SIM for other phones.

Symptoms & Preventative Measures

When a iPhone 4 needs a Micro-SIM Adapter

When and why would I use this adapter?

If/When you break your iPhone 4, or want to use an older phone (such as an iPhone 3G/3GS), you would not be able to use your new SIM in these, without this Micro-SIM adapter. By using this adapter, you can turn your Micro-SIM into a full-sized SIM. This can be handy if you wish to use tethering on your older iPhone, or switch iPhones for hazardous work/play.

Anything I should know before using these?

  • They come with no warranty.
  • Removing your iPhone 4 Micro SIM chip may disable the iPhone (Bug found in iOS4 for iPhone 4)
  • For more details, contact us or call 417-268-5211

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